How It Works

How It Works

ThatsMy11 is different because we offer daily and weekly games for cash.

Choose Your League

The action begins in The Lobby. Here you choose the league you'd like to enter. You can enter as many teams as you like to increase your chances of winning.

Prize Pools

Entry fees go in to the prize pool - all prize pools can be viewed in the Lobby. 74% of entry fees remain in the prize pool with the remainder retained as the ThatsMy11 commission.

Our payout structure is flexible so that it will adjust as more teams enter a league. Payout structure is not finalised until the league starts and no more entries are accepted. No matter how many teams enter a league you will win money if you make the top 8% (if the leagues are marked as having "Make the 8" payout structure.)

Some prize pools are GUARANTEED. Regardless of how many teams enter these leagues ThatsMy11 guarantees to pay out the guaranteed prize pool. For example for a '₹10 entry ₹5000 Guaranteed' league ThatsMy11 will pay out at least ₹5000 in prizes no matter if there is 10 teams entered or 1000 teams entered.

If you'd like more information about a league before entering (like how points are awarded to players or what the current payout structure is) you can view this by clicking the RULES & PRIZES button.

Pick Your ThatsMy11

Once you've chosen your league you'll need to pick your ThatsMy11 players from that day or week's games. If you've ever fancied yourself as a coach then here's your chance to prove it to your friends. Make sure you stay under the salary cap of ₹8 lacs to fill all 8 positions. The position of captain can be filled by any player and it might be worth spending up big on him as he'll score double points!

Make the ThatsMy11 & Win

Once the games start watch your players collect points based on their live performances. If you beat the other coaches in your league you’ll take home the winnings. Not only does the winning coach win cash - all the coaches who make the top 8% in their league (for leagues having "Make the 8" payout structure) will take home cash.

Play ThatsMy11 Anywhere

Join leagues and draft your teams easily from your computer or tablet or even make last minute changes on your mobile live at the stadium. With ThatsMy11 optimised for your mobile, you’ll be able to cheer on your team wherever you are.

Get unlucky and didn’t win cash this time? All is not lost! Unlike traditional season long games, one bad night doesn’t mean kissing your fantasy dreams goodbye till next year. Because with ThatsMy11, every game is a new season and every game is another chance to win thousands of rupees.